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Batot Hydro Power Limited is a Public Limited Company incorporated with the specific object of developing a 3.5 MW Small Hydro Power Project at Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and belongs to Weizmann Group.
Weizmann Group has varied business interest and that includes:

  • Textile Processing and Exports, with the processing house at Ahmedabad ;
  • Power Generation from Renewable Energy Projects which includes Wind Power, Small Hydro Power and proposed Solar Power ;
  • RBI registered Authorized Dealer Category-II for Money Changing,
  • RBI recognized one of the Principal Representatives of Western Union Financial Services Inc. USA ;
  • IATA Registered Travel Agent ;
  • Smart Mobile Top Up and
  • Insurance Broking.

The Group has in its fold 3 listed companies and number of Special Purpose Companies primarily engaged in developing renewable energy projects.
The Board of Directors of the Company are
Mr. Chetan D Mehra
Mr. V P Kamath
Mr. Vinesh Davda
Mr. Pramod M Sheth